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  Precious carpets
List of the most precious carpets in the world:


- Agra carpet
- Amritsar carpet
- Bidjar carpet
- Chinese carpet
- Kurdish carpet
- Hereke carpet
- Heriz carpet
- North-Indian carpet
- Kashan carpet
- Kirman carpet
- Lavar carpet
- Oushak carpet
- North-West Persian carpet
- Samarkand carpet
- Saraouk carpet
- Serapi carpet
- Sultanabad carpet
- Tabriz carpet
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- Aubusson carpet
- Besserabian carpet
- Cuenca carpet
- Egan carpet
- English carpet
- Savonnerie carpet

To identify an ancient and valuable carpet you really have to:

• make several tests about age, origin, dyes, used wools, patterns quality and weaving styles;
• realize with extreme attention if you are examining a handmade or a machine-made fabric;
• check the edges to verify if they are undamaged, worn-out or, even worse, intentionally removed.
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