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  Carpet History
Weaving art has its origins in the period when primitive people were first nomads and then developed in sedentary men.
In former times, in fact, prehistoric men used the skins of the animals killed for food as body coverings. When men decided to settle down, they learned to weave the yarns and to make clothes and dressing items to cover and shelter themselves from cold. As human beings have a natural inclination for art and a strong aesthetic sensibility, along with the ongoing quest to be protected from harsh weather, our ancestors felt the desire to express their creativity: that’s how the first rugs, tapestries and various ornaments were developed. Products of artistic creativity and, at the same time, an excellent way to keep warm one’s own home.
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It’s obvious that the first handmade textiles date back to the earliest times and that in the beginning humans used to interlace vegetable fibres and coats of different kind of animals, producing in this way the first coarse fabric.
The great number of woven findings enabled us to reconstruct approximately weaving history but, at the same time, it is impossible to establish the date of the first loom used by man.
Thanks to the discovery of ancient fabric remnants, it is well known that weaving was already practised in ancient times among the Chinese, Egyptian, Jew, Greek and Indian people.
Carpet, whose textile is our primary interest, was created consequently to the creation of rugs, to warm up and above all to embellish our homes with a unique artistic touch.
La moquette di Hreke Hereke carpet and precious carpets.

Coming almost at the present time, we owe a particular mention to the Turkish village of Hereke, not far from Istanbul, made famous by the finest carpet production.
In 1843, in fact, Sultan Abdülmecid, choose exactly this village to establish the Imperial Factory for the production of carpets, fabric, upholstery and curtains. At the beginning, it was intended exclusively for the Ottoman Court and the best royal families of the world, as well as for the richest and most powerful states, such as Japan, Russia, Germany, England and the President of the United States of America.
Without any doubt, the most precious carpets and rugs, unequalled for the weaving quality and hand-made using ancient techniques, come from the Asiatic countries.
The areas much famous and celebrated for the weaving experience, beside the already mentioned village of Hereke and generally the Turkish region, are: Agra and Kashan, China, Afghanistan, India, Persia and the Caucasus.
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