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  Typologies of the Dirt
L'acaro della polvere Typologies of dirt and carpet's number one enemy:

The dust mite

On the surface of a fabric, such as a carpet, and/or a rug, we can distinguish, mostly, four typologies of external elements, which, in the long run can cause a bad hygiene:
- aerial particles: they are fat particles, produced by the atmospheric pollution, which cause a loss in the colour brightness and can also provoke the adhesion of further elements of dirt, acting as a bonding agent.
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- solid particles: they represent the biggest quantity of dirt which settles on our carpet and are constituted more precisely from: dust's grains, soil, sand and clay (they are transported on the fabric by the sole of our shoes and, for the effect of the trampling, are crushed toward the inside of the carpet).

- organic remains: they are all those organic deposits, provoked by our passage, such as small crumbs of food, hair, animals and human hairs (often entangled and hardly removable), skin particles, etc, etc.

- liquid elements: they represent the greatest problem, because liquids enter deeply and drag with themselves a mixture of aerial and solid particles and organic remains, not only determining a serious threat to the good hygienic state, but also damaging the appearance of our carpet. In such case, it’s important to deal with the problem immediately, and lacking the specific products (only if pointed out by the firm entrusted of the cleaning), it is necessary to dab with a lot of water (if the carpet is not made out of wool) or with a damp cloth (in case of wool carpet).

Such scheme allows us to understand how much the daily vacuuming of the carpet is important. It enables us, in fact, to eliminate part of the aerial particles and all the solid particles and the organic remains. These last, in fact, ferment combined with the heat and in such way become the ideal environment for the life and proliferation of carpet number one enemy: the dust mite.

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