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  Carpet Installation
Carpet installation is an extremely delicate moment, since it is fundamental for the good final result and for its thermal and noise reduction properties as well.

Before applying the carpet, it is necessary to verify that the background surface is in perfect conditions, that it is flat, solid, non-deformable and completely dry.
Dampness is, in fact, one of the greatest enemies of the carpet, since it produces mildews which nest in the fabric provoking bad odour and an insufficient hygiene.

One of the positive features of carpet, which represents a remarkable economic saving, is that the fitting can be made both on a simple concrete basement, smooth and regular, both on a pre-existing floor or on a wood surface.
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If the surface is not perfectly flat, it is essential to level it, not only to avoid a precocious wearing out and aging of the carpet, but also to safeguard its appearance and an optimal adhesion to the surface, which needs a good cleaning before the installation.

Furthermore it is essential to verify that the fabric has a good resistance to the light, to avoid its discolouring, that it is of easy maintenance, high durability, antibacterial, anti-static and above all, in case of installation in a hotel, that it has been recognized 1st Class for its fire reaction.

According to the type of material and surface bed, the textile floors can be applied with different methods and each of them offers its own advantages,:

Stretch-in Installation
A technique which can be used with carpets that have a jute or synthetic backing. This fitting method gives the carpet a longer life; it's most important, however, to use an underlay or a felt backing which improves, not only the durability of the carpet but its appearance as well. This technique consists in the stretching of the carpet among small fillets fixed to the floor and provided of anchor supports. It's an expensive method, compensated however by a longer life of the carpet.

Glue-down Installation
First, you spread the glue on the floor and afterwards you fix the carpet on it. It's essential to level and properly set the surface and it's of primary importance to use a quality glue, easily removable if necessary.

You will not obtain the same softness of the carpet installed with the Stretch-in Method and the use of the felt (except the carpet with a smooth foam backing); the wear and tear is quickened by the decreased resilience.

Adhesive-free Installation
This technique is the simplest and consists in cutting to measure the piece of carpet and to simply lay it, with the edges held back by the skirting-board along the walls and by the special threshold covers near the doors.

It's suitable only for floors of small dimensions, to cover with material that do not require joints, and it gives the best results with carpets with anti-slip backing, endowed with a foam or rubber underlay.
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