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  Carpet Cleaning
Carpet cleaning is the most delicate moment for this floor covering.

Often, many people who were really fond of carpets have been forced to change the type of floor covering, because of the great number of problems they met in the maintenance of their carpet.

It’s not easy to find professional carpet cleaners and it happens, too often, to engage somebody only to discover at the first stain that he is an amateur, totally unqualified to do the work.

At best, he will not be able to remove the spot…at worst, the fabric will be irreparably damaged.
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Our companies company has created this web site to advise and inform carpet lovers or those who make use of carpet as owners of high-class facilities, such as luxury hotels, that for the maintenance and the cleaning of textiles, rugs, sofas and carpets it’s always best to engage professional cleaners. In Italy we have companies that are highly qualified in textile cleaning and, surely, Our companies have a reputation for top quality service.
pulizia moquette When engaging a company for the cleaning of high quality textiles, it is essential to check that, besides being qualified, this company offers an insurance cover for any possible damage caused by their employees in the exercise of their job and the execution of the service.

Going back on the technical issue, it is necessary to make a periodic thorough cleaning with specific products when dirt is deeply buried and shows on the surface as well.

The rule of thumb in taking care of your carpet is only one: a daily vacuuming routine.
Clearly, it’s absolutely necessary to vacuum with a professional vacuum-cleaner, to clean, remove the stains and disinfect the textile every three, six or twelve months, depending on the traffic carpet is prone to.
pulizia moquette It’s obvious that in a hotel the rooms subject to a low level of traffic, if vacuumed daily, need to be cleaned every six or even twelve months; while, on the contrary, the hall requires a more frequent cleaning, at least every six months, if not every three or four.

A good advise to prolong the life of a carpet, to get the best of it, to be guaranteed in every aspect and, why not, to save money, is to schedule with a specialized company a periodic - every six or twelve months - professional cleaning. Furthermore, you will be equipped with specific products that will enable you, in the meanwhile, to deal with possible stains, avoiding irreversible damages.
Dealing quickly with stains is really important because it’s not possible, months later, to remove a spot, caused for example by a coffee spillage, if it has not been tackled immediately. To deal with a stain you need competence and specific products but, lacking this, you can dab the spillage with water and blot with absorbent tissue. Even if increasing the mark, this will lessen the possibility of irreparable damages.

There are several different techniques of carpet cleaning…the two most commonly used are:The Bonnet Method
The External/Extraction Method.
The choice of the proper method of cleaning depends on the carpet fibre.

The Bonnet Method consists in the use of a rotary single brush fitted with specific pads that passing repeatedly on the textile will remove the dirt from the surface.

This system has the great advantage to offer a very quick drying time and to be extremely effective.
Furthermore, if couplet with a deep vacuuming, it assures a good cleaning even in the textile inner coat.

This method is mostly used for light coloured, thick rugs or carpets.
It consists in the injection of a mixture of water and detergent into the carpet textile and, afterward, in the extraction of this solution together with the dirt, leaving the textile perfectly cleaned.

There are other cleaning methods such as the dry compound and the buffer washing. The former consists in spreading over the carpet a sort of dump sawdust (micro sponges), that after about 15 minutes is vacuumed out, taking the dirt with it. This system is not very effective in case of deep dirt.
The latter, the buffer washing, consists in the repeated beating of the floor covering with a special machine, fitted with a kind of towel.

Our companies , prefer the Bonnet and the External/extraction methods. Sometimes they are even used together.
Another important element that points out the excellent work of these companies is the use of products made up of ozone. Ozone, in fact, is the only natural disinfectant that is able to definitely destroy mites.
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